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продам : Diagnosis and service centrifugal (radial) fans, цена договорная

      Using centrifugal (radial) fans is widespread in all the branches of industry and, accordingly, of their work depends on the basic processes of the work of any of the companies. Quality and timely diagnosis and service centrifugal (radial) fans will allow industrial companies to avoid accidental shutdowns of equipment and related to this contingency, an emergency repair, establish the most effective planning system.

     Most often, centrifugal fans belong to the so-called group of secondary equipment. This group of equipment it is advisable to serve on the actual state and not by PPR. For implementation of this form of service requires a diagnostic department or laboratory. Often the diagnosis group is part of the OGM. Specialists of these units produce a variety of fan status monitoring diagnostic methods (vibration diagnostics, thermal monitoring, oil analysis, etc.), then give the actual and forecast data on the state of the equipment in the maintenance planning department or OGM (Chief Mechanic department). OGM provides service centrifugal (radial) fans, ie produces alignment, balancing, replacement of bearings, etc.

    The above form of service is the most efficient and cost-effective service when fans of this type. In forming the group must be trained professionals and provide them with the necessary devices for the diagnosis and monitoring equipment. "Balteh" LLC - is a company that specializes in tasks for organizing groups of diagnostic and service equipment like bucket. At the training center of the company have the opportunity to train professionals on the necessary areas of MRO and diagnostics (vibration diagnostics, thermal control, tribodiagnostics, centering, balancing, etc.) The company "Balteh" is engaged in production and development of devices and therefore has the opportunity to complete your company's departments necessary systems.

    I propose to consider a minimum set of entry-level maintenance of ventilation equipment in the enterprise. This kit allows to diagnose and service centrifugal (radial) fans. The kit consists of instrument «BALTECH VP-3470 - Vibrometer-balancer c program database maintenance and enhancements."


Контактное лицо:  Мамырханова Ая

Предприятие:  Baltech GMBH

Телефоны:  +49 (0) 451-370-87-700

E-mail:  написать письмо

Сайт:  www.baltech.biz

02.02.2017     Великобритания, Белфаст

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