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продам : Diagnosis, service and repair of fans smoke.

smoke exhaust fans are used to move air in and exhaust ventilation systems are designed to remove smoke-air mixture formed in a fire. As the fan drive device smoke normally used on motor shaft is put impeller. The impeller has various kinds of embodiment.

  This type of fan can be found in any industrial undertaking, on industrial sites, residential buildings and facilities, administrative offices and many other places. This type of equipment is very important in everyday human life, from the correct and reliable operation of which sometimes depends on a person's life. Therefore, diagnosis, timely service and repair of fans smoke, very important preventive procedure that should be carried out with the help of modern equipment, high-quality tools, as well as with the assistance of experienced professionals.

technical service department specialists of "Balteh" renders services in service and are willing to spend vibronaladki fans smoke. Provide accurate information about the technical condition of motor bearings, hold the planned balancing procedure, check the alignment, as well as perform thermographic inspection of the unit. Thermal imaging survey using thermal imaging series BALTECH TR-0180 allow you to easily and quickly assess the actual condition of the diagnosed fan on the site, and then make a decision based on the obtained thermal images to further repair if necessary.

When repairing critical equipment especially fans smoke, we strongly recommend to use high quality bearings that have been tested on the stands to check the bearings "PROTON-SPP" series. All bearings should be tested for vibration and noise characteristics before reaching the critical units. Specialists of "Balteh" ready to help you organize your own service department, equipped with modern domestic appliances, such as BALTECH VP-3470, "Proton-Balance-II of", as well as to prepare the future experts in areas related to the vibration diagnostics and balancing.

For the purpose of review, what are the methods and approaches to technical diagnostics service, service departments, the company "Balteh" is pleased to invite technical specialists of enterprises, to visit big international scientific and practical seminar "Reliability Technology" in St. Petersburg.

While studying in the certified training center "Balteh" specialists get great theoretical knowledge base, supported by practical exercises on the devices. All certified professionals trained in our training courses, receive a certificate of completion of training in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education.


Контактное лицо:  Мамырханова Ая

Предприятие:  Baltech GMBH

Телефоны:  +49 (0) 451-370-87-700

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Сайт:  www.baltech.biz

02.02.2017     Великобритания, Белфаст

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