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продам : Krill Oil Tiens Тяньши, цена договорная

Krill Oil Tiens

Product Description:

Two essential fatty acids in omega-3 oils that are crucial to our health are DHA and EPA. They are not only essential to maintaining our health, scientific research indicates that they may also promote heart health and strengthen the immune system. The human body cannot produce these fatty acids, and their deficiency may result in various illnesses and ailments.

The absorption of Tiens Omega-3 Krill oil is faster and more complete.

The uniqueness of Tiens Krill Oil is that the omega-3 fatty acids are provided in phospholipid form. Phospholipids form the structural basis of cell membranes in our body. Tiens Krill Oil is easily recognized, incorporated and utilised by the body. Because of this lower dosage of Tiens Krill Oil can give better results than traditional Omega-3 oil derived from fish.

Tiens Omega-3 Krill Oil contains a rich supply of the antioxidant ‘Astaxanthin’

Astaxanthin, is the red pigment found in Krill. It is a powerful antioxidant which can help rid the body of free radicals that may contribute to various diseases and illnesses. Astaxanthin is also known for its anti-aging capabilities. Unlike many other antioxidants, Astaxanthin crosses the blood-brain and blood-retina barrier, where it can help protect the eyes, brain and central nervous system from free radical damage.

Tiens Omega-3 Krill Oil is sourced from the pristine waters of the Antarctic Ocean.

Tiens Krill Oil is sourced from Antarctic krill. Antarctic krill oil is the world’s purest source of marine Omega-3. To preserve the high quality of the krill, the gentle harvesting is followed by immediate, careful processing.


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