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продам : Продаём арматуру (экспорт, крупный опт). цена 1 $

Armature (De-Bars)

ЦЕНА укказана по состоянию на 12.11.2015г.

Origin:                                Ukraine

Quantity:                            5000-10000t, in month - Minimum 5000 МТ

The size:                            12-32 mm

Length:                              11 700 mm (the admission + / 100 mm)

The standard:                    DSTU 3760:2006 except class А 240

Mark of steel:                     St . 3-5 SP/PS, St. 35GS, А 500 С .

Packing:                             Export, weight of packs up to 7 т


Delivery:     FOB - port Odessa (Ukraine)    


Delivery Period: The first lot of Goods is delivered within 30 ± 15 days after the Contract is signed by the Parties

                             and the financial instruments issued by the Buyer were acquired (are provided with an

                             acceptance) by the Bank of the Seller Each lot of Goods is shipped not later than 30 days after

                             the previous shipment is carried out


PAYMENT:  Irrevocable, Auto Revolving, Transferable, Negotiable and Confirmed Documentary Letter of Credit,

                    Payable 100% at Sight after inspection at loading port and presentation of shipping documents               


Inspection:          SGS


B usiness Procedures:

1. Buyer submits LOI

2. Mandate of the Seller issues coordinated with the Seller FCO

3. Buyer returns signed and stamped FCO + BCL.

4. Seller issues Contract and coordinates and signs on E-mail.

5. Buyer and Seller sign and exchange contracts (DHL).

6. Buyer Bank provides pre advice (RWA) – Seller Bank provides the letter of Bank on presence the POP.


Контактное лицо:  Сулимовский Виктор Георгиевич


Телефоны:  380-068-2709944    Факс:  380-512-444528

E-mail:  написать письмо

Сайт:  http://37621.ua.all.biz/

17.01.2018     Николаевская область, Украина, Николаев

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